Snow Crash (SFBC 50th Anniversary Collection)

Hardcover, 451 pages

English language

Published Nov. 13, 2007 by SFBC.

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4 stars (8 reviews)

Within the Metaverse, Hiro is offered a datafile named Snow Crash by a man named Raven who hints that it is a form of narcotic. Hiro's friend and fellow hacker Da5id views a bitmap image contained in the file which causes his computer to crash and Da5id to suffer brain damage in the real world.

This is the future we now live where all can be brought to life in the metaverse and now all can be taken away. Follow on an adventure with Hiro and YT as they work with the mob to uncover a plot of biblical proportions.

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Review of 'Snow Crash' on 'Storygraph'

2 stars

Wrote a whole long review about why I didn't like it, but got bored of my own opinion.

In short:

While clever, the linguistic virus, Sumerian, and religion lessons were long and dull
Characters unbelievable, and didn't really invest in them.
Sex with a minor scene - didn't want that

Did like:
the world
the technology
the prologue bit about pizza delivery. Loved that world building, really great opening! Then the main story wrecked it (for me).

Review of 'Snow Crash (SFBC 50th Anniversary Collection)' on 'Goodreads'

3 stars

  • Chapters 1 -4: "This book is about delivering pizza."

    "Hiro and the Librarian" scenes were super data-dump-a-roo. Walls of exposition and explanation really broke the rhythm and pacing of the story.

    I just played a couple games of Shadowrun, the TTRPG, and Snow Crash is shadowrun AF. Minus any magic or fantasy aspects. But literal deckers and riggers running around wreaking havoc.. This was--to borrow a term from the wine nerds--"varietally correct" cyberpunk.

    The ending: dog ex machina. I kind of liked it though. I thought that Fido was introduced as a silly aside and that he wouldn't show up again later. I was kind of pleased that he did.

    A little disappointed in Hiro overall. He did a little hacking and a little swordplay, but for the most part his greatest skill was research and detective work.

    Super disappointed in Juanita. For being the one who learned to …
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4 stars
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