Wiesel, Wiesenthal, Klarsfeld

the Holocaust survivors

91 pages

English language

Published March 11, 2014 by Enslow Publishers.

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2 stars (1 review)

"Discusses the experiences of people who survived the Holocaust, the trials of Nazi leaders at Nuremberg, the establishment of the state of Israel, the search for justice, and efforts of the survivors to begin new lives"--Provided by publisher.

5 editions

The aftermath of the Shoah explained to children

2 stars

I had this idea that a history book written for schoolchildren might make for a lighter and easier read. It turns out I didn't like this, but I'm not sure whether my idea was mistaken or whether this is simply a bad book. Honestly, I remember as a child how much I hated feeling like an author was talking down to me. I think this book would have given me this kind of feeling had I read it as a child. In the end it's like I read a couple wikipedia articles in Simple English. I did learn a few things but I also wasted a lot of time.


  • Holocaust survivors
  • Juvenile literature
  • Jews
  • History


  • Europe