Ihr Kampf

Wie Europas extreme Rechte für den Umsturz trainiert

Paperback, 224 pages

German language

Published Oct. 8, 2020 by Die Werkstatt GmbH.

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5 stars (1 review)

Europas Neonaziszene trainiert für den Tag X, an dem den Ultrarechten der politische Umsturz gelingen soll. So beobachtet Autor Robert Claus eine Professionalisierung der körperlichen Gewalt. Er hat deutschland- und europaweit "Fight Nights" besucht. Seine spannenden Reportagen zeigen ein wachsendes internationales Kampfsport-Netzwerk militanter Neonazis mit Verbindungen zu Hooligans, Rechtsrockbands und Securityunternehmen. Zu Wort kommen Kampfsportler, Betroffene rechter Gewalt, Sportpolitiker und Kenner der Neonaziszene. Ein hoch brisantes und warnendes Buch.

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Nazis and combat sports in Germany and beyond

5 stars

This is a journalistic work: it's very thoroughly researched, contains little generalizations and even less analysis, focuses on specific organizations and people. This means that it will be outdated in a few years (the book is from 2020). But for now, this is a well made deep dive into the connections between fascist organizations and combat sports in Germany and internationally. The book is well written, the structure makes sense and no time is wasted. I found the guest-authored chapters on other countries (Italy, Poland, Russia, France and Greece) especially interesting. The only aspect I didn't like is where the author tries to draw some extremely thin connection between neoliberalism and fascist ideology. I think this is an analysis that can make sense in some very specific contexts, but here it's not well made. The observation (made by the author) that both ideologies value individualistic self-improvement doesn't justify the claim …