Weibliche Unsichtbarkeit (Hardcover, German language, 2021, Hanser Verlag) 3 stars

Wie Frauen die Geschichte prägten – und warum wir nichts davon wissen. Ein feministischer Blick …

Fascinating topic; weirdly structured and bloated book.

3 stars

This book is about female erasure in prehistory research, a very interesting topic. The author is a researcher in prehistory with a focus on women, so this is her wheelhouse. The part of the book that is actually about that I found very interesting and informative. However, that's only 80 pages out of 200! Allow me to explain. The book is in four parts. Part I is a short chapter on media depictions of prehistoric women and the question of primitive violence. Although these two topics are interesting, it's not clear what connects them. At this point the book already seems weirdly structured.

Part II is a long history of misogynistic sexism through the ages. This is just gender studies 101 with no connection to prehistory at all. It feels like the author is trying to up her page count by repeating a point that a hundred feminist books have …